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I bought 4 [different brands] drying racks and sent back 3. I kept the PaintLine ProDryingRack [PDRKD]. It looks great, it's easy to put together, the shelving bars are perfectly spaced so you can get in between them easily without messing up your paint job, and they hold a LOT of weight... you get what you pay for. Also, the thing holds 50 pieces! It's the best rack I've seen... It's built to outlast us all. Get one!

Caley Feagin

Make your job easier! The PSDR is well designed and is built with the painter in mind. This product makes my job easier and also gives me peace of mind because the hangers are metal. If you ever had I wood hanger fail on you, you know what I mean! The rotating spinner is great for making sure you don’t have missed edges on your doors and drawers... I also like the fact that the hangers fit the hanging rack very well so the doors can’t turn when you hang them... Nice touch! Thank you Paint Line.

Thomas Cali

I have been looking for a portable drying rack for a while. When I saw this, it sure looked just what I wanted. I was not disappointed. It [the PDRTT] is very sturdy, very functional, and takes up little space when collapses. It holds large and small doors with ease, and plenty of room between the racks as to not mess up the paint job. I’m sure glad I ordered two. It is perfect for a shop with minimal extra space.

Gary Mills